Media is in core!

What is in it for me?

Janez Urevc | @slashrsm |

Janez Urevc (@slashrsm)

  • senior engineer and team lead at MD Systems
  • Active member of Drupal community since 2009
  • Lead of the D8 media initiative

- top contributors

  • our CTO (@berdir) is one of top 5 D8 contributors
  • top Drupal contributors
  • Leading major Drupal initiatives
  • D8 expert
  • D8 media expert - lots of media clients
  • 20% of every project to the community
  • Full projects, audits, bootstrap weeks, consulting, architecture, ...

A bit of history...

  • Beginning of D8 cycle: a lot of ideas
  • NYC Camp 2015: roadmap defined
  • Entity browser, Media entity, Entity embed, ... are born
  • Very lonely initiative
  • NYC Camp,, MD Systems - media ecosystems would not exist without them

Adoption starts...

Adoption starts...

Adoption starts...

  • Case studies
  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • ...

We knew we're on the right track!

* but still felt kinda lonely....

There are always some challenges...

  • Complex ecosystem, challenging to configure
  • No visual guideance
  • Core uses completely different solution
  • Contrib is hidden from evaluators to some extent

Why include Media in core?

  • Standardization
  • Discoverability
  • Visual guideance
  • Scrunity, better quality
  • Sustainable maintenance

MVP for media in core

  • Current functionality (files, images, embedding) +
  • Support for remote media (YouTube)
  • Media library
  • Reusability
  • Media entity needed in the very foundations!


  • Spring 2016 - interest expressed around New Orleans
  • First meetings happen, no real results
  • Roadmap proposed on DC Dublin
  • We spend 4 months documenting it and getting sign-off
  • First "Media in core" in December 2016
  • Media entity committed on May 19th


  • Widgets, formatters
  • Migration support
  • ...

We still have at least a year of hard work in front of us to reach MVP.

Let's stop for a moment...

...and talk about...



  • This is huge!
  • without the initial investment from and MD Systems there would be no media in D8
  • 20k sites are using media ecosystem today, multi-million €€ projects
  • And yet...
  • ...we still rely on volunteers

"We are waiting until it is ready."

But what is in it for me?

  • Media entity is now in core
  • API changed a bit, plugins need to be ported
  • Not enabled by default
  • You can still using contrib Media entity

You have a site that uses Media entitiy

  • Start testing migration to core version
  • Check if there are any plugin ports missing, help
  • Move to core version when you feel comfortable

You have a site that uses files/File entity

  • You can use this approach until the end of D8 life cycle
  • If you feel there are benefits moving to Media entity
  • Start working on migration, collaborate

Planning a new site

  • Use core Media entity if possible
  • Otherwise use media entity from contrib

We need help!

Weekly meetings, #drupal-media on IRC, 14:00 UTC every Wednesday

Join us on sprints this week!

We can support you with your next media project! or @mdsystems_ch

Thank you! Questions?

Janez Urevc | @slashrsm |