not what community can do for you,
what you can do for the community

Janez Urevc | @slashrsm |
@mdsystems_ch |

Janez Urevc (@slashrsm)

  • senior engineer and team lead at MD Systems
  • lead of the D8 media initiative
  • FOSS enthusiast

MD Systems - top contributor

  • D8 expert
  • Full projects, audits, bootstrap weeks, consulting, architecture, ...
  • 20% of every project to the community
  • biggest Drupal contributor
  • ~20 employees

Why do you do that?

Why are not more people doing this?

How do you do that?

Why are we part of free* software?

*as in freedom, Richard M. Stallman style

**there is a prize at the end!

Free as in free beer

Better software


Community and people

Learning opportunity

Good career path

Client demanding it

Who invented free software?

Ever heard "Free software song"?

BTW... this was the prize.

Free software

pros and cons

Proprietary software

pros and cons

Own* software

pros and cons

*developed in house

"From the business perspective, free software can be understood as a combination of own and 3rd party propeitary software. It can be one, the other or anywhere in between - depending on your understanding of it."

Janez Urevc, November 2016, Prague

Graphic by: Nenad Sćuric


  • Co-control the software, control the destiny
  • Reputation (and everything that comes with it)
  • Access to best talents
  • Taking part in decition making
  • Better career options (for individuals)
  • ...

Plenty of good reasons...

... yet there are many not doing it.

* It is time for another game

Top 0.5% makes more than 20% of contributions.

Top 1% makes majority of contributions.

Graphic by: Perfect Hue (CC0 - public domain)

We've done few good things...

... but we need to do more.

It is all about interest

We need to figure out how to make contributing to be in the best interest of our members.

Photo by: Vasil Grozdanoski
Graphic by: Adam Dachis (
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”


Treat as if it would be own project

Community tools are your tools

Don't wait "Until it is ready"

Be selfish

Don't be afraid

Thank you!
Janez Urevc | @slashrsm |
@mdsystems_ch |

Graphic by: MrWallpaper