Getting off the local storage with Entity browser

Janez Urevc | @slashrsm |

Janez Urevc (@slashrsm)

  • senior engineer and team lead at MD Systems
  • Active member of Drupal community since 2009
  • Lead of the D8 media initiative
  • Author of Entity browser and other media modules

Entity browser

Central hub for selecting, uploading, inserting entities

Guess what... turns out it can nicely handle remote assets!*

* It was actually designed with this in mind...

More info?

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

A centralised system that allows users to store, organize, find, retrieve and share digital assets.

Common features:

  • Catalog management (taxonomies, ...)
  • Metadata management
  • Search tools
  • Access and rights management
  • Usage tracking/reporting
  • Identity management system integrations
  • CDN (Content delivery network) solutions


  • SaaS digital media asset management platform
  • Can handle many different asset types
  • Focused on centralized management of assets related to brands

Drupal 8 integration for Bynder

  • Uses Media entity to store asset information locally
  • Entity browser for interaction in content creation process
  • oAuth authentication
  • Assets are always delivered directly from Bynder (CDN)
  • ...

Demo time!!

Woodwing Elvis

We can support you with DAM integrations!

* or anything else related to Entity browser and media or @mdsystems_ch

Thank you! Questions?

Janez Urevc | @slashrsm |