The future of media in D8

Janez Urevc / @slashrsm /


Some history

Photo by Nick Taylor -

Joys of D7...

Media, Scald, Asset, .... works but we keep complaining

DrupalCon Prague

Core conversation, sprint -

Sprint at DrupalCamp Vienna + some other online sprints

Plan in 5 simple steps

Ease of use

Multi-upload, intiutive library, Wysiwyg integration, drag-and-drop, ...

Pluggable framework

Ecosystem of decoupled components that know how to work together.

Deliver basic components ASAP

Basic components should be available very early in the D8 production life-cycle

Use existing tools

Entity API, Field API, Plugins, ...

Non file-centric storage components

Local files are only a subset of all media.

Basic concepts discussion

There are still some disagreements...

What do we have?

Storage component

2 (strong) Summer of Code proposals

  • WYSIWYG entity embed
  • Migrate integration, editorial experience, display configuration and YouTube/Vimeo integration."

We need help!

This is not going to magically happen. We need your help in order to succeed.

We need people of various expertise

  • frontend
  • UX
  • interface design
  • backend
  • project mgmt
  • ideas, past experience
  • You name it!

How to get involved?

Thank you!


Janez Urevc / @slashrsm /